For Campus Coronavirus Testing

For general COVID-19 testing questions and answers, visit here.

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Participants will register, consent to testing, and login using their GT account at They will fill out a short questionnaire and receive a barcode to present at a testing site. Participants will then receive a testing sample kit. After the sample is collected, the trained volunteers will send the sample to be processed in the lab for surveillance testing.

After surveillance testing, participants will receive an e-mail with one of two responses:

  • Not recommended for diagnostic testing
  • Recommended for diagnostic testing

Participants that are recommended for diagnostic testing will have their original sample or a new sample, if needed, processed for diagnostic testing. Results of the diagnostic test will be provided to the participant after it is processed by Stamps Health Services.

Please be aware that any lack of communication following participation in the surveillance testing should not be interpreted as an indication of the participant's status of COVID-19. Participants should continue practicing appropriate precautions and recommendations provided by Georgia Tech.

Complete testing locations and hours information is available here.

Additionally, please find an annotated campus map at

After surveillance testing, you will be contacted by email to inform you on whether your sample is recommended for diagnostic testing. Neither communication be interpreted as an indication of your status of COVID-19, and Georgia Tech recommends you take all appropriate precautions. If your sample is recommended for diagnostic testing, you will receive your results from Stamps Health Services.

After surveillance testing, a small number of testers may receive a notification that their sample was not able to be processed due to one of a number of factors. These include:

  • Too much / too little saliva in tube. It is critical to fill the test tube to the black arrow, and not past it.
  • Leaky test tube. Please be sure to tighten the lid on the test tube before placing it in the sample bag at a testing site.
  • No initials. Please write your initials and underline them on a test tube. This is a second form of identification required for processing.

As a first step, please check the spam/junk folders on the email account you registered with at Because response emails are sent from, we recommend adding it to your address book or email contacts list to avoid notifications being incorrectly filtered as spam. If you do not find the email, please contact us at with your participant ID (the barcode generated for that test).

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